"I have been looking for a good cigar vendor and my final stop that I proudly call "Cigar Heaven" is Casillas!  When I walked in Nate happily greeted me and took me on a humidor tour where he introduced me to every flavor as he explained the make up as well. If you haven't experienced a Shaggy Maduro you are missing a real treat!! Thinking of Casillas makes me nod my head and say yes...I don't go anywhere else and here's the kicker, the price is actually very affordable!" -Anthony Gilmore

"I came to Casillas from word of mouth.  I have stayed because of the high quality cigars at a reasonable price.  What makes me invite my friends and hang out at the great new location is the friendly family-like atmosphere at the shop.  I really look forward to the time when there will be beer on tap, and a game on the big screen TVs where myself and friends can hang out and enjoy."
-David Doron

"Casillas Cigar Company provides amazing cigars and a relaxing atmosphere.  I especially like their friendly attitude toward women as customers and consumers." -Glenda Driver

"When you walk into Casillas, you immediately feel the warmth and comfort of an atmosphere where you want to sit and relax and enjoy the ambiance with a nice cigar.  The Victorian House (which they did a fantastic job remodeling) provides the feeling of being far away from the real world.  You have been transported into another place in time where you can bask in the moment with a nice Casillas Cigar." -Mark H.

"I was very excited to see that you guys brought back the short stories...And I do appreciate the wide selection And the cleanliness, and Hospitality..I also like the sales that you put out online.I guess the only thing I would say is The shipping Amount..I also get cigars online and it is free shipping yes you do have to wait a week but it is well worth it..that's about it Congratulations..and I'll be seeing you guys soon." -Kiko Montesinos

"Casillas Cigar Company is by far the best cigars out there. The prices are very reasonable. The store has a very friendly atmosphere. If you're a cigar aficionado, Casillas is definitely a place to check out." -Michael Kim

"I come to Casillas all the way from Beale Air Force Base a few times a month for a couple key reasons: The lounge is as inviting as the staff. You can be as anonymous or as infamous as you desire. Whether you desire a wing back chair and a good conversation or you want to read the paper in solitude the Lounge can easily become your personal fortress of mental restoration." -JP

"Best cigars in Sacramento. Nicaraguan tobacco. Signature Casillas taste.  Great draw, burn, and ash. My favorites are the Casillas No.1, Chato, and Short Story. Been a customer for 10 years. New location across the street is really nice." -Curt Namba

"Casillas has it all. A great lounge, great staff, great location and cigars at an unbeatable price. It is an awesome place to work away from the office." -Erik Grendahl

"The best cigars & prices only equals to casillas cigars company , keep up the good job Nate!" -Gabriel

"New lounge is great place to relax.  Good ventilation and great selection of product.. sit back and enjoy!!" -Bill Eldred

"I’ve been buying Casillas Cigars since the 90’s and enjoy them every time I light one up.  I especially like the #1.  I prefer a larger ring size cigar, medium to strong and the ones that are offered in that size are terrific.The new store (or should I say house) is wonderful.  Beautifully decorated, comfortable and accommodating.  The perfect place to relax and enjoy one of the many delicious Casillas cigars." -Mark

"The cigars are GREAT and the service is "old school" friendly and helpful. My father in-law Ron is disabled and because he can't access the store, Casillas gives him roadside service. He won't buy anywhere else and the same is true for myself and my 2 adult sons. We've been happy patrons for many years and will be for many years to come. Congrats on the new awesome store!" -Jim Dobrinski

"The re-creation of Casillas has re-energized the look and feel of the shop. The same great flavor and authentic texture remains in the cigars they supply, but the new facility houses a large smoking area with and laid back comfortable feel to the atmosphere. The exemplary customer service has been the same as it was in the past with Henry. It is an overall feel and comfort that Casillas Cigars supplies not just a rich bold smoke." -Andrew

"What a shop!  Beautiful, comfortable and relaxing.  Not many places where you can sit back and enjoy a fine smoke indoors.  They offer a wide selection of their own exclusive cigars and they are all truly world-class.  And the staff are always warm and friendly.  Nate, especially, is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful if you are not sure what to pick. Casillas is one place I enjoy visiting over and over, again." -Kevin B.

"I had just returned from a wedding in Mexico where cigars were served and enjoyed.  I wanted to have the same experience at my cousins bachelor party but had no idea where to start.   I turned to yelp which directed me to Casillas while they were at their old location.   Great customer service while helping me get started from ground up with box, cutter, lighter, and sticks. The gentleman took his time and answered all my questions.  Needless to say we had a great bachelor party and hence have returned from time to time to enjoy the new and improved location when I need a break from life." -Arthur Emus

"To the New Casillas Cigar Company,
I just received the email announcing the official grand opening of your new lounge on September 11th. Viewing the slideshow really brought to attention how much things have changed for the Casillas brand from when I first met Humberto back in the early 90’s. At that time he was on 16th and I believe L St.  When you entered that old humble and dilapidated shop you were met with a few guys hand-rolling their product over a glass counter smudged with finger prints, and Humberto himself with an old wrinkled white cow-neck t-shirt and his trademark cleft lip from that cigar he kept dangling there since he was 8 years old.  Now look at your place. Talk about progress and transformation! I love how you have held onto the Casillas name for the tradition, quality, and respect the brand reflects and deserves.
It pains to know that my travels will probably not ever bring me to Sacramento again to enjoy your beautiful lounge, but I do have comfort in knowing that I can reach out from our small, virtual world and still attain the treasures that your store continues to share with us all.
Congratulations, and may you be successful and prosper." 
-Andres Robles

"Casillas Cigar company of Downtown Sac is a great shop to pick up fresh Cigars without paying big bucks. I was always satisfied with the quality of their cigars products. The new smoke house has a clean and chill lounge area. Staff are super friendly and give you all the space and time needed to make a purchase. I highly recommend popping in and checking this place out!" -Dennis Perevertan