The Casillas Cigar Company is one of the few remaining independently owned Casillas cigar shops started by Macario Casillas over his long history in the cigar business. 

Born and raised in Camaguey, Cuba, Mr Casillas opened his first cigar shop in America in 1993.  He became known for a unique quality, hand-rolled cigar that quickly caught on in the local area without any advertising. Word of mouth and satisfied repeat customers provided the basis for a rapid growth in sales.  Throughout his life, he has continued to open and operate Casillas cigar shops in 7 different locations including Miami, Reno and Sacramento.

At 73, Macario Casillas now resides in Honduras.  His legacy of quality hand rolled cigars continues on with the Casillas Cigar Company in Downtown Sacramento.  

Come in to the shop and experience the tradition... of fine hand-rolled cigars. History has shown, you'll be back.